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Haris Musa
3 min readJul 25, 2021

In case you bought a PHP script from Codecanyon and you want to install it, or maybe you are a PHP developer, and you want to learn how to publish PHP website online, Then You are in the right place.

In this guide, I will cover the following:

  • Requirements .
  • Get a Domain Name.
  • Get a VPS Server.
  • Map Server IP to Domain.
  • Create a MySQL Database For Your Application.
  • Uploading File to the Server using WinSCP.
  • Installing PHP Modules.
  • Managing MySQL Databases.
  • Setup cronjobs.

Requirements to Publish PHP Website.

What you need is simply is:

  • A VPS Server to install your PHP Script on.
  • Domain Name to use with our setup.

1. Get a Domain Name To Publish PHP Website.

Getting a Domain is as simple as eating a piece of chocolate cake. you need to go to any Domain registrar company like Godaddy, Hostinger, Enom, Freenom, Namecheap…. and Buy a Domain Name, you can even get one for 1$ per year.

I do recommend to get domain name that reflects your business. and if you already have one, as I think so, you can just skip this, and continue to get a VPS Server.

Watch this 3 Minutes Video and see how to get and buy a domain name from Godaddy:

2. Get a VPS Server.

Now, Let’s get our VPS server to set up our PHP Script on.

What is a VPS Server?

When you want to publish PHP website or script or any web application, we do what we call “web hosting” which simply means uploading the files and database into a public server so it can be accessibly Online over the internet.

Hosting Options.

Now when you want to host a web application (WordPress in our scenario), you have mainly 2 options:

Shared Hosting:

Which means publishing your website on hosting services like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger… where your website will be hosted with hundreds of other websites on the same server.

VPS Hosting

In this setup, you will host your website on your own server, so you will have a server only for you! which is called a VPS or a Virtual Private Server.

Which one is better?

I don’t want to go in depth now and explain technical stuff, but in few works, VPS is Definitely better where you will have your own server with full manageability and better performance.

And if you think that shred hosting is a lot cheaper, then you are wrong, as with Contabo VPS services you can start with a 3.99 € per month Only which is the same pricing for almost 90% of shared hosting services.

Maybe the only drawback here, is that it requires some more technical skills to set up and configure, but fortunately, you are here in the step-by-step guide, where you will see how things will go really easy!

What company should I use?

You can use whatever company you want to buy a VPS Server, in this guide I will share with you two companies that I think has everything you need, and with the cheapest prices. and I use to run more than 10 Servers for my business.

These companies are: Contabo & Digital Ocean.

But as I told you, it’s up to you, you can use whatever company you feel comfortable with. you can also go with Hostinger, which also provides a very good pricing compares with other companies.